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Welcome to Coppola Enterprises, Inc.

Coppola Enterprises, Inc. is a full service consulting organization aiding client organizations to obtain a successful and profitable future. Our mission is to:

“…enable client organizations to realize the highest efficiencies and profit levels through strategic goal setting, appropriate system design, human resource development, and training.”

“We will continually improve our capability and skills to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction of those we serve. We will be ever mindful that our success as a consulting organization depends on our ability to understand the needs of our clients and translate those needs into improvement actions resulting in measureable gains.”

In order to understand your needs, we spend considerable time understanding your organization, its people and its systems.

We gather information that allows us to identify organizational strengths as well as constraints that may be blocking your ability to delight your customers. And as we’ve found, when customers are delighted with your performance, your profits will increase.

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